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A Day in the Life of a London Tourist

This post is going to be photo heavy guys. There’s nothing that screams out “a day in the life of a London tourist” more than lots and lots of pictures with gazillion other tourists in it!! That’s right, photos were taken at normal touristing hours not 5 am when the world is asleep!! 😉 We’ve …

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A Sense of Calmness in the Hustles of London

Did you there is a hidden gem in central London that gives you the experience of calmness in the hustles of London? Let me let share this secret with you! When I think of London parklands, the first few that springs to mind are Hyde Park, Regent’s Park and St James’ Park. All are on …

Taking my first step into the mysterious blogosphere


Taking my first step into anything is always the hardest step. But as the saying goes, if you always do what you have always done then you will get what you have always gotten. If you are not happy with the results you are getting, then it’s time to take action and change your approach.

So here I am… taking my first step into the blogosphere world. I am petrified, not gonna lie. Putting myself out there in the world of unknowns!  But I have been dreaming about blogging for as long as I can remember, like 4 years and 24 days to be exact! When my husband and I moved from Melbourne to London, I told myself, I am going to start a blog so I can share my new life and new adventures with my family and friends back home. Therefore, everything we did, every place we travelled to, every restaurant we ever dined in, and my fashion fads, I profusely captured them all on my camera.

I manifested how I would write about my experiences. For each snap, I would imagine writing about it in my mind using as colourful and creative words as I could to enable my readers to share my experiences as if they were there with me. But one thing led to another, this ‘blogging’ idea became my favourite procrastination! Until now… I am determined to take action to start turning my dream and passion into a reality.

So here I am… taking my first step!

Welcome to Time-after-time and my first post! My name is Janey and I live in London with my husband, Alan. I am totally out of my comfort zone right now!! This is actually a lot more daunting and overwhelming than I’d imagined, yet exciting all at the same time!

As Susan Jeffers says, “feel the fear and do it anyway”. So I am committed to getting over this uncomfortableness because I am too excited to see where this journey will lead me.


What will I blog about?

I will be blogging about my travels, fashion inspiration, dining experiences and everything in between balancing my corporate and social life. These are all the things I love doing time after time. I hope to use this blog as the platform for my creative outlet through writing and photography.

Taking my first step

I hope you will come along on this exciting journey with me and feel inspired to take action to pursue your dreams passionately. I hope we can share our experiences through this blogging community and together we can grow into a better version of ourselves.

What is your biggest procrastinator? What are some of the actions you took to overcome the fear of taking the first step?

Thank you for reading. And cheers to me for taking my first step into the mysterious blogosphere!

… by J