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My guide to affordable luxury gift ideas for her

Christmas is less than a month away, you guys!! Are you all set with gift shopping or kind of struggling with what to buy for all the significant people in your life? With the current energy crisis and cost of living on the rise, we may need to be more considered and budget-conscious this year than in previous years! But going budget doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice the luxurious gifting experience for all the elegant Ladies in our lives. So I have carefully curated a list of affordable luxury gift ideas that they will love and treasure! And why not pick up a few items as gifts for yourself, because I have!

My philosophy in gifting and receiving gifts is never about the price tag, the brand or just the goodies they want or need. But it is about giving them the whole experience. From gift wrapping to the unboxing and joys of finally seeing what’s inside!

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For the beauty lovers

Of course, there are tonnes of luxury beauty brands at very affordable price points. However, as I said earlier, the joys of gifting are not just choosing something she’s going to love, but I also want to give her (and him) the first-class unboxing experience, regardless of the occasion. But it is extra special with Christmas gifts because they get to admire your beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree for days/weeks!

Therefore, Dior is always my number one go-to for beauty gifts. Not only are their products beautiful, they also provide complimentary gift wrapping! Every order comes in a stunning Couture gift box finished in Dior branded stain ribbon. What could be more elegant and elevating than having a few of these boxes under your tree?! For this reason, I always end up picking a few items for myself.

This year, they are doing a navy and gold constellation-inspired design. How luxurious is it?! Source:

Limited Millefiori Couture Edition

Most of their makeup products are very affordable. Every year they have a holiday edition which can never resist collecting! This year they have released the prettiest Millefiori Couture edition in Dior Forever Cushion Loose Powder and matching Dior Addict Lipstick case (coming soon). Don’t forget to select a lipstick refill for the case, if your budget allows it. I love this 100 Nude Look. Most importantly, she can carry them everywhere in her handbag! This design also comes in Miss Dior candle. It’s a bit on the small side but will look super cute on her dressing table. After it’s burnt out, she can use the ceramic holder for tea light candles or use it as a holder for her makeup brushes.

If you’re in the UK, you can find their Millefiori collections here. I will also be placing an order as a gift for myself!

They also do really nice gift sets

Such as this Dior Iconics Set for example. The packaging is like a mini-advent calendar with 4 travel-sized Dior favourites. She will absolutely love their Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum! Lipstick and perfume gift set in a navy velvet pouch.

For the jewellery lovers

For the jewellery lover her, it can be a challenge to find luxury pieces that don’t break the bank! If you have the budget to spend hundreds and thousands of pounds, then that’s great! They are truly investment items. However, for those whose budget doesn’t stretch as far, have a look at Missoma!

I love their products! I’ve spoken about them before and for the eagle-eye ladies out there, you might’ve spotted me with them in some of my photos!

Missoma is my favourite everyday wear jewellery brand that is affordable yet has all the feels of wearing luxury pieces. This is because they are all made from genuine sterling silver (or recycled silver) wrapped in 18ct gold plated vermeil. And guess what, I just learnt they’ve recently added gold pieces to their collection, which is really exciting! It’s more expensive than silver obviously, but it is still relatively affordable.

I’ve collected quite a few of their items over the years. I just love that they are dainty and easy to style. Can be worn on their own or as layering pieces. They really do add that final touch to elevate any outfit.

Here are some of my favourite pieces – some have been in my collection for a few years now and still going strong, and I might’ve picked a few from the recent Black Friday sale! hehe

I love their Lucy Williams collection if you can’t tell! I’ve been eyeing this Lucy Williams Roman Arc necklace, and the dainty Square Malachite necklace for a while now, so have decided to pull the plug on them! They’ve also released a collection with pearls. So I have to have this cute Molten Seed Pearl Knot bracelet and finally, I added another Lucy Willimas collection, the Entwine Hoop earrings. I can’t wait to show you how I style them!

For the boss ladies

Last but not least, the boss ladies or shepreneurs, are usually the hardest to find gifts for. Let alone within a restricted budget! I mean, what do you get a girl who has everything?!

Here is my guide to affordable luxury gift ideas for the successful girlbosses in your lives. Before we get into it, I suggest thinking of the things that she lusts over but wouldn’t typically splurge on them for herself. Like when you go shopping with her, what does she always, always check out but never buy for herself?

For me, I cannot walk past a homeware section or stationery shop, without stopping by to check them out. I want everything but never buy anything. I just simply can’t justify spending £70 on a leather planner or £140 on these artist-designed coloured pencils. BUT if I was to receive them as gifts, I’d be over the moon and treasure them! Another thing in the same category for me is self-care and pampering goodies. That is something I never splurge on myself but I would be the first to purchase them for my mum, sister, girl friends etc because I know they will appreciate it but also won’t spend money on it themselves.

Premium stationeries

As a girlboss, she will be running from meeting to meeting, deadline to deadline. So she’s always going to need some sort of planners like this gorgeous Tiffany blue 2023 leather planner from Smythson or this leather notebook from Montblanc. What about a Toile de Joey notebook from Dior? I know, $70 for a plain lined notebook is way steep, but if your girls are crazy about Dior? And it comes with an exceptional unboxing experience! 😉

Wellness and self love

I also like the idea of a silk twilly/ribbon for her handbag. The most popular choice is Hermes. But you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to achieve the same elevated look. Longchamp has equally beautiful twillys but at a lot more affordable price points.

Another idea worth considering is the gift of self-care and self-pampering like this Nourish Wellness basket or Sleep Wellness gift set from the White Company. It is no doubt she has worked extremely hard throughout the year so she deserves all the pampering she can get! Speaking of sleep wellness, I recently discovered silk pillowcases!! I always thought it was a bit gimmicky until my girl friend gifted me a set. And oh my! I am a total convert!! Talk about giving the gift of good sleep!! I know, I am late to the party. I thought it made a really nice and thoughtful gift because this is definitely something I wouldn’t splurge on for myself!

Final thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my guide to affordable luxury gift ideas. Let me know which one of those you will go with.

But it doesn’t matter what you gift her or how much you spend on her present. It is the thought that counts. She will be touched just knowing the thought and effort you have put in to choosing something for her this Christmas.

And at the end of the day, doesn’t it all just comes down to the experience of giving and receiving gifts?

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