Private beach experience in Anse La Mouche

The value of taking time out: Slowdown in astonishing Seychelles

We’ve all been there! Getting swept up in the whirlwind of everyday hustles, work deliveries that were due “yesterday”, and feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending to-do lists. We often forget about the value of taking time out and having a break. As a modern elegant Lady, it is as much about looking after our mental wellbeing as it is about taking care of our physical appearance. So I cannot stress how important it is to take some time out for yourself and your mental health.

I didn’t realise how much I needed a break from life until I sat on the beach sipping Pina Coladas in beautiful Seychelles. Now, I’m not saying to have to go to Seychelles to slowdown and take a break. But it’s more to that point that when we are always on the go, we are operating on adrenalin. And so we often don’t realise how hard we’ve been pushing ourselves and our bodies. Until we stop and reconnect with ourselves again, we will soon realise how physically and mentally exhausted we have been! That’s why many people get sick when they are on holiday. So it is important to permit ourselves a break from the daily grind and let our mind and body recuperate. This is an essential self-care ritual and a critical step of our Ladylike transformation journey!

The value of taking time out to relax in astonishing Seychelles
The value of taking time out is not just about relaxing in astonishing Seychelles. It is is a self-care ritual that every elegant Lady must prioritise.

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The value of taking time off cannot be underestimated

The value and benefits of taking a holiday go beyond staying in fancy resorts and flying to exotic destinations. But is fundamental to a healthy mind and body. I can go on all day about how much of a difference I felt after a holiday, but just to name a few:

  • Become more present and more mindful because I was away from my routines and familiarity, I was forced to be present, alert and mindful of my surroundings so that I stay safe. As I cannot carry out my days on autopilot. I also need to plan our days and the logistics, navigating from one place to another. I wouldn’t be able to do this on autopilot!
  • Significantly reduces my stress level. The stress I didn’t even know I had. I had no idea how tense I was until I was on holiday. Prior to that, I was easily irritated, sluggish and frustrated. It’s safe to say I was pretty stressed out. And when we are in a relaxed state of mind, we are more creative and productive.
  • Improves the quality of my sleep! How often have we found ourselves lying in bed but our minds just wouldn’t shut off?! All too often! That is another sign of stress by the way. I definitely sleep deeper and better when I am on holiday. And quality sleep means a quality day. Just this benefit alone is enough for me to take some time out.
  • Makes me a better person, I make a better company, but most importantly, I feel good about myself!
Private beach experience in Anse La Mouche
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And so we went on a holiday…

I am grateful to escape to the Seychelles as our first holiday post the pandemic. You can read up on the logistics here. I could not ask for a better time off! It’s the perfect blend between a relaxing holiday and activities. Seychelles is an excellent option to ease you into the “slow travel” experience whilst exploring beautiful beaches, snorkelling, hiking, eating at local restaurants, island hopping, and lots more. You can do as much or as little as you want here. The key is to find the value of taking time out for yourself and embracing laidback island life. Have I mentioned they have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world?

To be able to experience a new culture and different ways of living was immensely uplifting!

A secluded local beach at Anse La Mouche

Our first stop in Seychelles was Villa KiKi in Anse La Mouche, which is along the southwest bay of Mahé island. It is a family-run boutique resort, located on top of a hill with gorgeous views of the bay. As soon as I got out of the taxi, I immediately felt more relaxed, my breaths were deeper, longer and slower!

Gourmet breakfast with a view
Our days started with a relatively healthy breakfast, with this gorgeous view!

[easy-image-collage id=3730]

I did wish we were right by the beach though! haha… Because I didn’t want to climb the steep hill every time we went to the beach! But it was totally worth it. The water was calm, shallow, warm and not another person in sight. Look at this incredible landscape. The beautiful boulders and the hanging palm tree. What more could you ask for. It is a photographer’s dream!

The value of taking time off is here in this astonishing beach view!
The value of taking time off is here in this astonishing beach view!
Gorgeous private beach experience

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

The next day, we packed our snorkelling gear and set off to explore another beautiful beach, Port Launay North Beach in the Port Launay Marine Park, which is very popular amongst tourists and the locals.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, aka embrace the local bus-(roll)ercoaster. This is exactly what I meant by being present and alert on your travels. The bus stop was at the bottom of the villa. It was literally just a bench with half faded ‘bus stop’ printed on the road.

When the bus pulled up, it reminded me of the school bus in the 80s. You know the ones with no spring retention and you can feel every little bump on the road? Further, the driver drives like he owns the road. Twisting and turning down the windy narrow road at full speed. It was quite an adventure! Just hold tight and ride on!

Waiting at the local bus stop
A trip is not complete without a selfie. I snapped this at the bus stop, waiting for the Port Launay bus.
Port Launay beach
We arrived at Port Launay. And wow!!
Astonishing beach
We did not waste any time getting into our bathers and going for a dip! And a snorkel. We saw so many colourful fishes – tiny zebra and nemo fishes, big white fishes, and colour corals, just to name a few

Next to the beach is the beautiful 5-star resort, Constance Ephelia Resort. They have the best location! I would totally stay here next time!

Popped in for a drink at Constance Ephelia resort
We popped in for a pina colada in between swims at their beachside bar. It was super chilled and nice.

There are other water activities you can do here. But I was content with snorkelling and lying on the soft white sand soaking up vitamin D. Plus the pina coladas of course!

Sunset dinner at Del Place restaurant is one not to be missed!

We ended our perfect day out with a sunset dinner at Del Place Restaurant on the south side of Port Launay. Which was a 10-15min. But watch out for cars, as you’re sharing the same road!

Seychelles sunset at Port Launay
No filter!

James from Villa KiKi made a last minute dinner reservation for us. And I reckon he got us the best table in the house! Right by the water with a perfect view of the sunset. Thank you, James! This place comes highly recommended on social media, travel guides, blogs, etc. So we had to pay them a visit.

The food did not disappoint. In fact, it was the BEST meal we had in the entirety of our trip! We didn’t have much luck with food after this. The sunset was partially blocked by the island in front of us. But the colours were just gorgeous!

[easy-image-collage id=3731]

After our meal, the waiter kindly booked us a taxi to take us back to the villa.

Next stop, we’re heading south to Valmer Resort and Spa in Baie Lazare.

I’ve only been here for two days, and I already realised the value of taking time out! When was the last time you were on holiday?


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  1. And here you are wondering if your posts are any good without a team behind you. There’s totally no reason why you should even be concerned, because this is a quality post, with amazing pics. It sounds like an amazing trip you had there too. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Stuart, thank you so so much!! You are always so encouraging and inspiring!! I have lots to learn from you still.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment!!

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