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Best summer coastal walk from Margate to Broadstairs, England

This leisurely walk from Margate to Broadstairs of the England coast path with dramatic views of the hanging chalk cliffs. With spring just around the corner, this picturesque stroll is the perfect day trip to enjoy the great outdoors. The walk is around 6 miles (just under 10 km) and is part of the Viking Coastal Trail along the Isle of Thanet, in Kent. It was our first coastal walk in England and the landscape is nothing short of spectacular!

Strolling along the sandy beach with the phenomenal white chalk cliffs and the never-ending view of the beautiful English coastline, plus melancholy British weather, was a truly unforgettable experience. You can either walk from Margate to Broadstairs or the other way round. Further, you can do the whole walk at sea level or on the clifftop. However, if you want to do the walk at sea lever, then make sure to check the tide. Because some parts of the walk will be covered by sea water during high tide.

So the whole walk can be done within 2 hours. But I think it took us around 4 hours in the end! It wasn’t a difficult walk. We just strolled along leisurely. Took our time to soak in the views and of course had plenty of photo stops. So I would definitely factor that into your overall time. Because it’s too beautiful not to snap any!

Getting from London

Getting to Margate from London is pretty easy. It’s just an hour and half train ride from King’s Cross St Pancras station. You can stay on to Broadstairs and walk back or get off at Margate and walk to Broadstairs. It’s the same train. We decided to walk from Margate to Broadstairs, and train back London from Broadstairs. We were planning to walk all the way to Ramsgate, but by the time we reached Broadstairs, grab a bite to eat, the sun started to set and it got really COLD. So we made our way to Broadstairs train station and made our way back to London.

Margate beach

Margate is a historical town by the seaside and is one of the few sandy beaches in England. It feels like a step back in time. The Main Beach is like a carnival with kids play ground and jumping castles etc. Margate Dreamland is an amusement park with vintage rides. The beach is a very popular summer destination. I remember going there for a warm summer day, and the beach was full of people, I struggled to see where the sand is… haha!

Margate Main Beach with kids play ground
Margate Main Beach reminds me of a kid’s carnival back in the 80’s.

Once you arrived at the Margate train station, make your way to the seaside. You will hit the Main Beach and we want to turn right to commence our walk (i.e. beach on our left). Soon after, you will see these colourful Kids Corner, which reminds me of a school carnival back in the days!

Walk from Margate to Broadstairs can be done on the beach with low tide
Margate beach at around noon where the tide was slowly rising
A map of the beaches and bay along the coast with all the significant stops on your walk from Margate to Broadstairs
A map I snapped at the beginning of our walk

Walk from Margate to Broadstairs

As we went around the bend, we arrived at Walpole Bay. We started walking on the footpath along the promenade. But just note, the footpath will disappear and you’ll be walking on the sand, seaweed or rocky terrains. Some parts are only accessible on low tide. So it is important to check the tide before you embark this walk. Alternatively, just stick to the top of the cliff, like what we did.

Walking from Margate to Broadstairs with cliffs on side and ocean on the other
This was our first sign of the cliff view by Walpole Bay. The beach was pretty much deserted by this point.
Endless cliffs along the English channel
What a view! Sweeping white cliffs along the English Channel at South Thanet. You can also see the two different walking paths.

By this point we decided to go up and carried on along the cliff. Because the view from the top was even more spectacular!

Standing staring into the endless cliffs

We did the walk late May. The temperature was in the high teens but without the sun plus the win, the real feel was more like low 10s. I felt a little under layered at times. So I recommend keeping that in mind when planning your walk.

Botany Bay, Kingsgate Castle and Joss Bay

As we walked forward, I always like to look back and check out the view behind me. It did not disappoint!

Looking back to the view
Don’t forget to look back every now and then because the view is equally nice

The next highlight is Botany Bay. During low tide, you can actually walk on the beach. 

Botany Bay

I could not believe people were beaching and swimming in the sea! I mean, we’ve been walking nonstop for about 2 hours by now, and I was definitely not warm in my Polo jumper and denim jacket!

Botany Bay
Botany Bay

Once you can see Kingsgate Castle, then you are getting close to Broadstairs!

Walk from Margate to Broadstairs
View of the Kingsgate from afar
Kingsgate Castle on the cliff of Kingsgate Bay
Kinsgate Castle
Look at the details of the castle and imagine what kind of views they are getting from the inside…

Follow the path around to the back of the castle…

Gate of the castle
Kingsgate Castle

After Kingsgate Bay, you will be greeted with another set of white chalk cliffs… Joss Bay

Beautiful landscape of white chalk cliff at Joss Bay
Again these people are setting up a picnic on the sand. But that view…
Joss Bay
Mister A snapping away on his phone carrying my pink backpack.
Joss Bay
Isn’t that romantic?

Our walk from Margate finally got us to Broadstairs

Once you see these colourful beach huts all lined up on the promenade? That’s Broadstairs. We have arrived!

Arriving at Broadstairs
Leisurely walking from Margate to Broadstairs - Arriving at Broadstairs


Windy waves
It was pretty wavy by the time to go the bottom of the ramp

Hello colourful beach huts!! I’ve waited long too long to meet you!!

Now if you would excuse me… I have a beach hut photoshoot to get to…

Photos with beach huts
Love these blue beach huts. They match my outfit
How cute are the these blue ones. I coordinated my outfit for this! haha
I’ve walked almost 4 hours to get here alright. So I’m going totally getting my effort’s worth on the photos! 🙂
Aahhh and pink! Which one is your favourite?

Eventually we carried on the promenade to Broadstairs town. By this point, I just wanted to park myself somewhere warm and stuff my face. I was starving! and freezing!

Broadstairs was busy! It took us a while to find a restaurant. So make sure you book in advance. This was around 4pm by the way, on a cold-ish Sunday in May. I can only imagine what the town would be like in summer!

This is a wrap of our leisurely walk from Margate to Broadstairs. I hope you enjoy the photos and all these photos. Now you know why it took us 4 hours for a 2 hour walk?

With spring just around the corner, definitely worth considering this walk as a day out. You will not regret it! 


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  1. Alan says:

    Forgot how nice of a walk that was…..

    1. Yeah same. I am definitely happy to go back… when it is warmer!! 🙂🙂

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