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5 thoughtful Luxury Gift Ideas For Him: Under £200

Coming up with some luxury gift ideas for him this Valentine’s Day that is affordable is not always easy. Therefore, I have consulted my expensive-taste-husband to share his recommendations. And he came up with 5 genius gift ideas under £200, which will have your man boasting to his mates for years to come.

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1. Barista-grade coffee at home: coffee machine

In no particular order, Alan’s first of the 5 luxury gift ideas is the gift of barista-grade coffee at home. Because as far as he’s concern, the day doesn’t start until you’ve had a cup of rich Italian coffee. Gone are the days where you pop into your favourite coffee shop on the way to the office. So why not bring the coffee home to him? Like a coffee machine that consistently produces barista-quality coffee at the press of a button! Not to mention, you can also enjoy them yourself. Win-win! 

In our household, especially since the pandemic, not a day goes by without reaching for our little Bialetti espresso maker or Nespresso coffee machine. In all honestly, the husband prefers to the taste of manually brewed coffee on the stove with his Bialetti (our Nespresso machine is really for when we are desperate for an afternoon coffee). I absolutely love waking to the smell of coffee! If your man is a coffee lover, investing in a proper coffee maker/machine will significantly elevate his coffee experience! And he will love you for it.


A tea/coffee corner with Nespresso coffee maker
Giving him the gift of barista-grade coffee in the comforts of the home. P.S. I have my coffee with condense milk! 🙂

2. Men’s jewellery: a watch

An IWC watch for men (with a ladies purse in the backdrop) makes a great luxury gift idea for him
A dressy elegant watch doesn’t have to cost hundreds and thousands of pounds, says the husband

The next one on the list is a watch. Every sophisticated man needs a nice dress watch to go with his formal attire or tailoring, aka suits. When it comes to watches, Alan is right in his element. He loves learning about watches and literally knows just every intricate details of the mechanic movements of a watch, and every watch brands out there. Often times, he would outsell the shop assistant with his knowledge of their watches. He would get really upset and dishearten that they don’t know their own watches enough to carry the conversation with him! No jokes!

“A watch is a man’s jewellery. It is probably the only item, other than a wedding band (for those eligible), that a man should splash on. An appropriate watch really shows a man’s class, maturity and sophistication. The good news is a suitable watch for him doesn’t have to cost hundreds and thousands of pounds.”


Now that I have this in writing… just wait till the next time he wants another IWC!

Because he’s a watch connoisseur, he buys a watch for their movement, which is automatic watch only, and it is at a higher price point than a quartz watch! But these are his top picks for under £200. They are reputable brand. Looks elegant and smart, you can dress it up or down with your outfit.

3. Happy and cozy feet: luxury socks (my favourite gift to give!)

It is often the little things that make the most impact! Nothing says I love you more than giving him good quality socks to keep his feet happy and cozy. I gave Alan a set of these stylish and contemporary socks from the London Sock Company as a Valentine’s Day gift a few years ago and he absolutely loves them. He calls them his ‘nice socks’ and they only come out on special occasions. They style and design adds a bit of personality to the formal tailoring look, which I love. So I couldn’t have a list luxury gift ideas for him and not include socks could I?! 🙂

Luxury socks from the London Sock Company
Luxury socks from the London Sock Company. Photo: London Sock Company

Paul Smith also has similar gift sets at more reasonable price point, which Alan also likes. Or if you really want to spoil your man, this Gucci pair is a winner!

4. A nice bottle: wine, gin, whisky, brandy, etc

If your husband/boyfriend enjoys a tipple, then you cannot go wrong with a nice bottle of his favourite drink. Alan’s drink of choice, particularly in winter, is Scotch whisky, so we always top up when we visit Scotland! After work, on a cold evening, he would to just pour himself a glass to unwind. How’s that for the class-up lifestyle?! haha…

Find out what your man’s preferred drink is and choose the nicest bottle you can get at your price point.

Luxury gift ideas: Shelve of expensive wine collection
Before you report us to the AA (Anonymous Alcoholics) society, this was taken from our local wine bar, not our home! Don’t they look nice?!

5. Another nice bottle: Men’s Perfumes / Aftershaves

Last, but not least, of the luxury gift ideas for him list is also a nice bottle, but this one he can wear. Perfumes and aftershaves are the most affordable items from high end luxury brands. So if you want to get him something from his favourite luxury brand, the men’s perfumes or aftershaves is a great choice! Find out his signature scent or preferred scent family and get him a nice bottle from the top luxury brands. Alan recommends Chanel and Cartier from his collection. The scents are masculine and sophisticated. He also really likes Penhaligons’ perfumes for the same reasons I like them. The scents are complex and luxurious.

Fun fact: Did you know that King Louis XIV was terrified of bathing and only bathe three times in his entire life. To combat the smell, his palace was filled with fragrant flower petals to sweeten the air, and furniture were sprayed with perfume. The French court was also sprayed with perfume and it was so fragrant that it became known as the “the Perfumed Court”. King Louis himself had a new perfume created for him each day which he sprayed on his shirts and himself. And just like wearing perfume became a custom for the other royals and aristocrats.

Thank you for the history lesson about perfumes Alan. I guess that explains why perfumes has this luxury feel to them. So the easiest way to class-up and elevate yourself is wearing luxury perfume, for men or for the Ladies.

So there you have it. The husband’s recommendation of 5 luxury Valentine’s Day gift ideas for Him. Which one of these ideas will you buy for your Mr? Comment down below. Feel free to share with your girlfriends in case they need some recommendations to find their man a classy gift. 

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