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Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Under £200: For Her

Are you struggling to find the right luxury Valentine’s Day gift without breaking the bank? Here is a list luxury gift ideas under £200 that is guaranteed to elevate her as the receiver and you as the gifter. I know I know, it’s just Valentine’s Day. To gift or not to gift? This day is truly dividing day. But whether it’s a Valentine’s Day gift or a just-because gift, at the end of the day, it’s just small gesture to show her how much you love her. And what could bring more joy than seeing the joys light up her face when she opens your beautiful gift. Nothing expresses “I love you” more than making your Lady feel like you have put in a lot of thought and effort to finding that special something for her, big or small.

But what do you get a lady who already has everything? As the sayings goes, it’s not about what you get her, but it’s the thought that counts. So I have put together 5 luxury gift ideas that is elegant and classy, to match her modern Ladylike aura, obviously. However, this day is not a birthday nor an anniversary (unless it is for you), so I personally, don’t think you need to go overboard on this gift, unless you want to of course. I have selected items from luxury brands that doesn’t break the bank. These are the things I absolutely love and use everyday, so you can’t go wrong!

Spraying perfumes


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1) An elegant bottle of luxury perfumes

You can’t go wrong with a luxury bottle of perfumes. Nothing shows elegance and class more than an exquisite bottle of perfume that is not commonly worn by everyone else. As we mentioned, the main qualities of a modern classy Lady is mastering the art of subtle luxury. Like if you’re in the know, then you’d know, if you know what I mean!

Perfume is an extension of our signature style. So it is important to choose a scent that represents her personality. Therefore, it is important to figure out what her scent preference is before you go shopping. For example, does she typically wear floral scents, sweet, spicy, woody, Oud, etc. Once you’ve established that, it will make your shopping a lot easier. And the sales assistant will be in a better placed to assist you.

My signature scent is gentle, florally and fresh. I love my perfumes gentle and not overpowering with floral notes especially rose, jasmine, gardenia, lily of the valley. If she is prefers floral scents, she will love my top 3 recommendations below. But of course, these brands have other scents as well, so you are bound to find something to match her!

Chantacaille Tiare (£158) literally smells like a field of gardenia from Tahiti. It smells gorgeous and sophisticated with different layers of floral notes, “blending perfectly with a calm sea and lush foliage”. Most ladies love Chantacaile for their luxury beauty products, but I personally think their perfumes are so underrated and should be talked about more!

Luxury perform as Luxury Valentine's Day gift for her
Perfumes are our favourite luxury gift ideas for her under £200

Penhaligons (£152) is a British perfume house that was established in 1890. Each scent is inspired from a piece of British history. Elizabethan Rose is the smell of the Tudor rose, which is the flower of England and is inspired by the coming together of Houses of York and Lancaster. But my go to from their collection is the Coveted Duchess Rose but this is slightly over £200.

My recently luxury perfume discovery is from Diptique (£105)! So so beautiful. Give Olene a go, which “captures the beautiful floral scents of a crisp, romantic evening in Venice” with very obvious jasmine notes. Is that not enough to woo her already? Also, if she loves Jasmine, this is perfect!

My luxury perfume collection
These are all my favourite luxury perfume collection. I am currently rotating between Diptique, Penhaligon, Chantacaile and Dior’s Rose Gipsy!

2. Fragrances for the home

I think the last two years has really changed the meaning of ‘home’ for many of us. Not only is it a place to eat, sleep, chill but also work, for many of us. Since we spend so much time at home, I love to create an environment at home where I feel relaxed and inspired. It brings me so much joy to light up some candles with my favourite scents. So I always welcome candles as a gift because that’s not really something I would get myself. When it comes to luxury candles, you can’t past a Jo Malone!

However, they are expensive! Equally beautiful and luxurious are The White Company and Diptique candles, particularly The White Company as they are really good value for money. You can get a huge one for £60! But if you’re feeling adventurous and want something a bit more exotic, try Loewe’s candles. Scents of kitchen herbs, tomato vines or marijuana anyone? I really like their coriander and luscious pea.

Luxury Valentine's Day gift ideas, home comfort luxury candles
Light up some candles to the home to create a nice ambience to relax

3. Dainty fine jewelleries

Every elegant lady has a collection of dainty fine jewelleries. Therefore any new additions to her collection is always well received. I am a fan of gifting jewelleries that she can wear everything. So the third luxury Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her under £200 is a dainty jewelleries. My go to brands are Missoma and Astrid & Miyu. These have been in my collection for a few years now and I always stack them to give that layering effect. I added these stud earrings from Astrid & Miyu last Christmas and have not stopped taking them off!

4. Silk scarves or sleepwear

If we want to immediately elevate ourselves, wear silk! Think of the famous silk scarves from Hermes. A silk scarf will elevate any outfit. However, a silk scarf doesn’t have to be as big of an investment as an Hermes scarf. Longchamp has a wide collection of silk scarves that actually feels softer than the Hermes one, in my opinion, and at markedly lower price. Check out these pretty blush planet and constellation scarf, which is currently on sale.

Wearing silk scarf as a hair accessory
I love accessorising my hair with my Longchamp silk scarf

What about gifting her seamless sleeps with silk pyjamas? I have this pair from Intimissimi and it is super soft on the skin, I sleep like a baby every time I wear them! Lillysilk is also has some well priced silk pyjamas, camis, shirts etc. I think whatever silk item you choose, she will love!

5. Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates

My last luxury gift ideas has to be chocolate, because I’ve met anyone who doesn’t like chocolates. But really? We’re just going to give her a box chocolate truffles? Of course not! Not that there’s anything wrong that, but wouldn’t you want to give her something a little bit more special and thoughtful? What do you to this amazing multi-functional hot chocolate machine, the Velvetiser for £99 from Hotel Chocolat. This is honestly a game changer! You guys can cozy up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate. How romantic!

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So which luxury gift will you get your Lady this Valentine’s Day? 

xoxo, Janey

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