Setting new intentions for 2022
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Setting new “word” and intentions for 2022

A new year. A new chapter. And plenty of new opportunities! Don’t you just love the idea of having a new canvass to paint, write and design the next chapter of our lives? What stories are we writing in 2022? My favourite thing to do in January is setting my new “word” and intentions for 2022 to anchor all my goals and achievements for the year.

Looking back at 2021

Looking back, I found 2021 to be a really difficult year. Do you agree? I think we’ve all suffered in one way or another. I feel like it was a year of waiting… Waiting for the pandemic to past, waiting for the world to get back to normality, and waiting to get on with our lives. I don’t know about you, but I had high hopes for 2021. As we were closing the chapter on 2020, I thought we could swiftly moved into a ‘normal’ 2021. A pandemic-free 2021. But actually we moved into another lockdown. I think that was the third one? But who is still counting?!

My husband used the word ‘flat’ to describe last year which probably just about sums it up. My highs were offset by the really lows. So it was just a testing year. I still couldn’t go back to see my family in Australia. I devastatingly said goodbye to my beloved via live stream and video calls… not once, but TWICE! It was heartbreaking being forced to “participate” in my Grandma’s and Uncle’s funerals via live stream, aka watching CCTV. It was also a painful revelation for me. How much time had passed between us, since we moved to the UK? I haven’t seen everybody for 3+ years now, but the reality of how everyone looked vs how I remembered they look, felt a lot longer than just 3 years! All the kids have grown up. The adults seem to be moving a lot slower than I remembered. My parents looked a lot more fragile than I remembered. How much of their lives have I missed. I wasn’t around to spend my Grandma’s and Uncle’s final years & days… suddenly, the opportunity cost of living abroad hit me hard like a volcanic eruption.

My word for 2021 was “Transform”

On a lighter note, my word for 2021 was ‘Transform’. And transformational it was, from a mindset and personal development perspective. I have really embraced the slower lifestyle and spent time working on my personal journey – self love and personal development. I rediscovered my deep passion for Ladylike transformation, etiquette and the art of being elegant. Thankfully we were able to go on a few trips through the year around countryside England, such as Rye, Camber Sands, Cotswolds, Arundel and Whitstable. We also did some hikes along the South-East coast, the Seven Sisters, and from Margate to Broadstares. And we even made it to Edinburgh which happened to coincide with the Fringe festival! So that’s was pretty cool!! Don’t worry, I am making my way through them on the blog.

My new “word” and intentions for 2022

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you would know that I don’t do new year resolutions. Instead, I use a “word” of the year, drive my goals and intentions. My new word and intentions for 2022 is DISCIPLINE. I have put a lot of care and thought into this word. And have landed on the word discipline because I haven’t been very good at sticking to my goals last year nor consistently meeting my own deliverables. My intentions for 2022 is to have the discipline to stick to my goals and consistently ticking them off.

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Setting new intentions for 2022
Setting my new word and intentions for the year to drive the goals I want to accomplish in 2022.

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Because discipline cultivates habit and habit is what keeps you going to reach your ultimate goals. Number 1 qualities of an elegant Lady is living by a set of values and ideals. She designs her values and ideals, and must have the discipline to stick to them until they become habitual. Therefore, cultivating good habits is the foundation of becoming an elegant Lady. And discipline is pivotal to developing good habits.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going

Jim Rohn

Five things I want to be more consistent with this year are:

  • Daily workout for 30 minute
  • Morning and evening routines (i.e. bedtime and wake up time)
  • Weekly blogging schedule
  • Journalling
  • Not to do list

So there you have it. My word and intentions for 2022 is discipline. To be discipline in all aspects of my life and executing them consistently. I am really looking forward to designing my 2022 canvass and see what the new chapter has in store for me.

New year new goals new opportunities
New year, new intentions and new opportunities. New canvass to paint, write and design next chapter of our lives. What are stories are you writing in 2022.

What about you? What is your word and intentions for 2022? How will you design your new canvass? Comment below as I’d love to know!

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  1. Great post! I really enjoyed reading it.
    I am sorry for what you have been through in 2021, I think we all had high expectations that got slowly destroyed…
    For 2022, I decided I am not going to pick a word, rather a theme (it is kinda the same thing, lol). My theme for 2022 is AMBITION 🙂

    1. Hey Giada! Thank you so much. Yeah… glad 2021 is behind us now! Onwards and upwards now!
      I love that!! It’s a great word/theme!! 🤩

  2. Ooo, discipline is a good one. My word for the year is ‘fail’, just to get me to do more and not care about the results so much. And I love your intended activities for the year. I actually have been doing the exact same thing from daily exercise to having a to-don’t list, lol. How are they coming along?

  3. Fail! That is a good one actually!! Getting it done is better than perfect. I love it!! Yay for sharing the same list! 😊 and it’s going well actually. Thank you for asking! Particularly on the blogging front. Been keeping to a weekly schedule. Except for these 2 weeks as I’m on holiday! 😅 Thank you for stopping by Stuart. Always great to have you here!!

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