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The best countryside walks in Camber Sands, England

Medieval buildings and cobble stone streets are not the only things to experience in Rye. Camber Sands beach, countryside walks and sheep turds (as in dodging them) are some of the many things you can do in the surroundings of Rye, England. On our weekend trip, we did a few walks to explore the seaside and the east-Essex countryside, and saying hi to the sheep, hence the sheep turds! 🙂

We had a bit of dram getting there… we were supposed to arrive with our friends on the Friday night. Unfortunately I caught a cold, and you know it is these days, a little sniffle could be “Covid”! So thought I’d do the right thing and wait it out, just in case And thank goodness, I felt much better in the morning. So we set off the following morning. By the way, not advisable if you bought off-peak tickets, as it’s only valid to travel on the day it was purchases for. Well d’uh! We had to buy another last minute-very-expensive-ticket. By the time we arrived, our friends were already in Camber Sands. So we literally dumped our bags at the property and caught a taxi out to meet them. There are local buses too but we just missed one and the next one was 30min away. It was only a 10min journey and the ride came to just over £10, which I was happy to pay in exchange for time back.

Camber Sands is one of the best beaches in the UK

I refused to believe that sandy beaches exist in the UK, until I discover Camber Sands, beautiful sand dunes and with soft golden sand.

Camber Sands sand dunes
Seaside sand dunes in Camber Sands

Have you seen sand dunes by the seaside? There are plenty of them in Camber Sands. Fresh, crispy air with gusty winds sending the chills right down my spine. It was only May after all. I couldn’t believe people were sunbathing and swimming in the sea! Brrrr!! I was in two layers and a spring jacket, and I was still cold! haha… Anyway, if you catch the taxi, it will drop you off at the main carpark, that is where most beach-goers park themselves. And this part is not dog friendly. But if you walk towards right, while facing the beach, think towards zone d or e, it is dog friendly and you get the whole beach to yourself. So beautiful and tranquil. I could stay there all day listening to the waves, if it wasn’t so cold!

Camber Sands is said to be the sunniest part of the UK. But I wouldn’t know because within 30min of our arrival, the sun disappeared! There are also a number of eateries around, but unfortunately, not many places were open, due to Covid.

Empty Camber Sands beach
As you can see, we had the whole beach to ourselves. And look at the cloud. Isn’t it full of personality?!

Camber Sands Rye England
We walked peacefully along the sandy beach back to Rye, which took us just under 2 hours, because we had a dog who wanted to stop and sniff every 50 metres. But it was a nice stroll and should only be an hour.

Countryside walks and sheep turds

There are many other hiking routes you can do from Rye. The next day, we did a circular walk from the city centre to Rye Harbour and Camber Castle. It wasn’t a particular exciting walk to be honest, the routes were mainly flat grass terrain. There was section where we had to walk through a bramble tunnel. The brambles were so tall all I could see was the path ahead. A typical English countryside walking path is through people’s farmland and we passed through herds after herds of sheep. So spent a lot of time watching the ground and dodging sheep turds! haha… At least when we looked up, there were nice cotton candy clouds.

[easy-image-collage id=3213]

We arrived in Rye Harbour just in time for lunch. We made a dash for William the Conquerer pub and I had the most amazing halloumi and roasted veg salad. I loved it so much I came home and tried to recreate it a few times!

Rye Harbour
An abandoned tower at Rye Harbour, can’t recall what it’s called!

After we polished our food and down some Pimms (an English countryside walk is not complete without pimms). We carried on to the Camber castle.

After lunch we carried on dodging sheep turds and made our way to the Camber Castle.

Countryside walk
We walked along a river and saw this lonely black and red shed in the middle of nowhere.

Last stop, Camber Castle. It was built during Henry VIII era to guide the Rye Harbour. You can book a guided tour to go inside, but sadly it was closed on our visit due to Covid.

Camber Castle
Amongst all the sheep we saw this mysterious castle that appears to be abandoned.

Jasper and Camber Castle
Jasper sun bathing in front of the picturesque Camber Castle. Did he look comfortable or what!

Countryside Walk Etiquette

As I mentioned earlier, English countryside walking paths are through people’s farmland and their livestocks, so as elegant ladies, we need to be mindful we are stepping into people’s private space. We should extend certain etiquette and behaviour when we are walking through their properties. This is normal by the way, it’s a well accepted activity. You won’t be taken to jail for bad behaviour, unless you intend to steal their livestock! But please just be nice and respectful. It is the Ladylike thing to do.

So here is a list of things you should be mindful off when going on those beautiful countryside walks and (dodging sheep turds):

  • Be considerate of everyone living there, and/or other walkers enjoying the countryside too. You will walk through gates after gates, just be gentle and leave them how you found it. Sometimes the gate are left open, this is so the animals can go back, so just keep it open.
  • When you see people, be nice and say hi! It’s not London! hehe… 😉 I’ve found everyone to be really friendly on the walks.
  • If you have four legged friend, keep them on leash (particularly where there are livestocks in sight) or within your sight and control them. Don’t just let them run wild and damage or hurt the other animals.
  • If the animals are not yours, stay away and leave them alone. You are just walking by, do not disturb their days. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if people comes barging in to your room and disrupt your day.
  • Finally, follow the local signs and stick to the conventional paths. Help protect the environment and take your litter with you. This includes your dog’s poo, please!!

This a wrap for our Rye weekend. Hope you enjoyed coming to Rye and east Essex with us. Don’t forget to check out the “Quintessentially English medieval town, Rye” post if you haven’t read it. Make sure you plan time for Camber Sands, countryside walks and (dodging) sheep turds. And always always practise etiquette and act like a lady, even in the countryside.

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