2021, the of 'Transform'. My Elegant Lady Transformation
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2021 ‘Transform’ – The Elegant Lady Transformation

My beautiful elegant Ladies, I hope you’ve as great as start to 2021 you possibly can.  I tend to do a lot of thinking in January so I can set some goals in February.  If you’ve been following me for awhile, you will know that I am not one for new year resolutions as I would have broken it by now! haha!  However, what has worked for me is setting a word-of-the-year or a new year theme to anchor my goals and achievements this year.  So my 2021, is the year of ‘Transform’.  To grow, develop and transform to a better version of myself.  I am not sure what the Covid situation is in your country, but here in the UK, we are still in full lockdown.  So I cannot think of a better time to embark on this personal transformation journey.  Will you join me?

In my 2020 Recap post, I wrore about my ironically productive year of slowing down.  Not in the sense that I’ve accomplished all my goals because I didn’t!  However, I have gained and accomplished a lot on a personal level, such as self love and personal development.  The slower paced lockdown life gave me many quiet moments to think and reflect on myself and my life.  Who I am, who I was and who I want to be.  I was able to peel off layers and layers of this thing called “life” and rediscovered my deep passion for personal transformation.  And how much I love helping other ladies transform their own lives.  I remember growing up, I filled my bookshelves with a plethora of self-help books, lady elegance and lifestyle transformations!  And so this year, I really want to bring that aspect back in my life and share them here with you in case it will help you on your personal journey.

I am completely obsessed with the elegant Lady transformation process.  What makes one lady more attractive then the other?  Was it the way she looked, how she moved or the way she talked?  You know, the ever so effortlessly elegant and classy girl that we secretly envy.  Well Ladies, you don’t need to envy them anymore.  You can transform and achieve that for yourself too!  Elegance is an “art” and so it can be “learnt”.  Let’s face it, a lady who carries herself with elegance and grace is a thousand times more confident and attractive.  Which can open a lot of opportunities for her.  So my pledge is to make 2021, the year of ‘Transform’, the elegant Lady transformation. Are you with me ladies?

For as long as I can remember, I have been been fascinated, if not obssessed, by what makes ‘plain-Jane’ plain Jane and what makes ‘head-turning-elegant-and-classy-Jane’ head turning elegant and classy Jane?!  Was she just simply blessed with excellent genes and born with the good looks?  Perhaps yes for some.  But for most of us, it just comes down to learning and practising the art of being a Lady, exhibting her elegance and grace within to how she carries herself externally.

From personal grooming to defining our personal style, from social etiquette to how we carry ourselves, is all an art.  All wrapped around the elegance of being a Lady.  I will be uncovering all the elegant Lady secrets here for you.  From social etiquette to personal styling, day-to-day living to cross-cultural awareness when travelling.  I want to share this journey with you because I want to also see you ladies transform into your most elegant and Ladylike self.  Let’s make 2021, the year of transform!

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