3.1 Phillip Lim meets Zara
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High end meets high street is the perfect way to elevate your look

Let’s face it unless you were born into the likes of the Kardashian family where dropping £10k for an Hermes bag is just petty cash or a tier 1 influencer where high end fashion labels shower you with their latest catwalk pieces with the hope that you would wear it, snap it and gram it, then wearing a high end labels come with a hefty price tag. For the mere mortals in order to buy that one and only Chanel boy bag would be sacrificing a £15 pasta dish at Jamie’s Restaurant for a £5 sandwich from Waitrose for weeks if not months worth of savings. Obviously I’m exaggerating but my point is, most of us, myself included, cannot afford to be dressed from head to toe in high end fashion labels. Not that I want to look like a walking Chanel catalogue. Don’t know what I mean? A quick trip to Harrods would paint this picture perfectly for you. 🙂

Joking aside, I like to mix my high end pieces with high street brands to complete my look. I am more of a classic and timeless elegant kinda girl. So when I shop for the wardrobe, I almost always gravitate for styles that I can wear time after time, season after season. In particular if I am dropping a few hundred pounds on a top, I want to dam right make sure that I can wear them as many time as I can… you know cost per wear?! haha…. In all seriousness, the first thing I do when I find an item I like is mentally style it with what I already have in my wardrobe.

3.1 Phillip Lim meets Zara

I picked up this top from 3.1 Phillip Lim which I am totally in love with and paired it with this Greek-Portuguese-inspired vintage pants (or trousers for the Brits) from Zara. By vintage I mean vintage within my wardrobe from like 2 years ago. This is a high-waisted pants that I hardly worn because I haven’t been able to find a top that would go nicely with it. Until I found this Phillip Lim number. It’s a loose fit top that is cropped off just above my waisted making it a perfect pair for my high waist Zara pants. The fitted waistline from the pants still gives me that slim fitted silhouette while the top hangs nicely covering the forever growing food baby. Grrr…

[easy-image-collage id=2339]

My favourite part of this top though are the sleeves. Just look at the details!

Cherry blossoms st pauls cathedral spring in London

On this occasion, I paired it with a pair of high street flats as I needed to be comfortable when cherry blossom hunting around London. I bought this from an Italian boutique when travelling in Naples for €25! It is super comfortable so I can’t complain! I can definitely dress this up with a pair of black Louboutins and Dolce & Gabbana clutch for an evening look or special occasions.

Speaking of cherry blossoms, I woke up one morning and my Instagram feeds were taken over by cherry blossoms and magnolias!! London (and the whole of Europe) is blooming guys and it makes me so happy. Weather has been amazing lately too. I am so excited for summer. After a long, grey and snowy (although pretty) winter, London has finally changed her boring grey outfits for colourful floral prints. Sleeping trees are stretching out with luscious green arms. And Mr Sunshine has been gracing us with his presence longer each day. We just need the temperature to rise a bit more… But hello summer and goodbye winter!

st pauls cathedral spring london

How pretty are these cherry blossoms? Unfortunately, by the time this post is live, cherry blossom season is over. It is wisteria season now so I really should go back for in-season photoshoot! But it’s just not the same is it?! Not to mention the purpose wisteria clashes with my outfit! 🙂St Paul's Cathedral

You can’t go to see St Pauls without stopping by One New Change building for this amazing view! Go up to the roof top terrace bar for a cocktail or two and enjoy it under this panoramic view of cathedral!

Outfit of the day st pauls cathedral

One New Change

One of the most instagrammable spots of St Pauls Cathedral. Tip: Go during the week for less crowd.

 What do you think of my high end meets high street look? Do you also like to mix high end fashion with high street finds?

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  1. Alan says:

    Good post babesy. Well written and totally get ur point.

    1. Thanks babesy!! 😘😘

  2. Awww..you’re in my city! I love your pictures.

    I always mix high-end with high-street. I think to dress head to toe in high-end looks much too contrived, to begin with.

    1. Thank you Heather! I totally agree. Thanks for reading and so happy to hear that you are also from London!! Xx

  3. I loved this post! And I totally agree! And I’m w sucker for cherry blossom too!

    1. Thank you for reading Stacey! Yes cherry blossoms! Xx

  4. Lovely images! And the outfit looks amazing


    1. Hi Diana. Thank you so much for your kind words!! Xx

  5. Nice outfit and article well explained

    1. Thanks Hilda! Really appreciate your kind words. Hope you have a fab day!! Xx

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