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Amazing nightlife in Chester, England

Chester at night is equally beautiful as during the day. Starting off with sunset on the Eastgate, buzzing dinner scenes, to drinking and dancing in one of England’s most haunted pubs! But first things first, if you haven’t read my post about Chester during the day, go and read it here first.

Since it was October, we didn’t have to wait long for the sun to set. The average sunset time is around 3:30-4 pm!! This was one of the things I really had to get used to after moving here. But then we are treated to really long days over the summer. So you win some, you lose some! Having said that, don’t be fooled to think that the nightlife in Chester, England is a silent city once it’s dark. On the contrary, the town continues to buzz with lots going on. It is not something to be missed!

Watch the sunset from the Eastgate Tower

You’d definitely want to go back up to the Eastgate Tower to catch the sunset. We watched the sky turn orangey pink to dark only to be replaced by warm yellow globes on the streets as the town lit up again.

Sunset view of the town centre

The iconic view of the historical medieval town in the heart of Chester. A memorable quintessential English experience.

Isn’t it so charming and romantic?! Imagine walking down the street hand in hand with your other half all rugged up with a scarf and beanie on a dry crisp winter night… You just have to take my word for it and go experience it for yourself. It was too early for Christmas decorations when we were there, but no doubt it will be even more magical when more lights go up.


I don’t know about you but as soon as the sun disappears, I am ready for dinner! When it comes to food, there are many many options in Chester. Going from American steaks to Mexican tacos to Italian cuisines to English meals. If you want a bit of theatrical dining experience, then head over to the Opera Grill. It is housed inside a beautiful Grade II listed neoclassical building with Greek facades. They have live music in the Music Lounge upstairs to really bring the theatre ambience to life and a rooftop terrace. But we felt like Italian, so we went to their sister restaurant, Piccolino across the road and had one of the best pasta dishes in the UK! Apparently, they also have one in London. The manager was so kind to give us a £20 voucher each for our visit. I will definitely be checking out their London restaurant soon! No matter where you go, one thing that’s for sure is the buzz and crowd. Most restaurants are filled with people so booking in advance is highly recommended.

Off to the haunted pub for an after-dinner drink or two

The nightlife in Chester is very colourful. Every pub is buzzing and full of partygoers! We decided to settle on a Ye Olde Kings Head for some after-dinner drinks. It was super convenient as it is opposite our hotel.

As you can read on the board, this joint is said to be amongst the most haunted inns in the country and has been featured in the Most Haunted TV show! Yes, we saw the sword hanging off the ceiling on top of the bar. This cozy little joint comes with a local band to entertain us, super friendly staff and guests. If you’re up for a boogie, you can join the ladies on the dance floor. Just don’t take the stairs on your own late at night… hehe *evil laugh* Just kidding!

Evening walk around the Roman Walls

My last recommendation for the Chester tour is to take a walk along the Roman Walls. We went for an evening walk to River Dee. I loved the tranquillity of this place as we walked along and felt the crisp winter air hitting us in the face. Check out this beautiful night view of the Suspension Bridge and the pagoda.

Chester nightlife River Dee and Suspension bridge

We went back the next morning to catch the day view. This time we walked on the wall and got a bird’s eye of this gorgeous rooftop and the river. Do you see the oriental-esque of this building?

I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along to check out the nightlife in Chester, England. If you do make a trip out there, don’t forget to let me know what you think and tag me in your posts! 🙂

Stay inspired!

…by J

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  1. Alan Xing says:

    Great post, now the story is complete…..

  2. Sounds enchanting! Such beautiful architecture and views! Wish I could walk down that street right now.

    1. Absolutely!! Me too!! Glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for reading. Xx

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