View from the top. Enroute to Melbourne from London. View of Doha city
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Why I’ve been missing in action but now I’m back

As a blogger, particularly if you have ‘made it’, you feel compelled to explain why you’ve been missing in action and what you got up to. And so this post is about why I’ve been missing in action and ta-daaa I’m back! Just kidding. I am definitely nowhere near making it in the blogosphere. But …

How to speak more eloquently
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How to speak more eloquently and sound more elegant

Wow! What a momentous Platinum Jubilee weekend we’ve just had! I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the events on TV. The Brits really know how to put on a show! I was glued to the TV and Royal watching. I paid particular attention to how they conducted themselves, the way they look and the way they …

Embracing those guilt-free moments by reading on the balcony

Everyday in Seychelles is one remarkable beach after another

Everyday in Seychelles is one remarkable beach after another. Following a couple of astonishing days in Anse La Mouche, Port Launay and a gorgeous sunset dinner at Del Place, the next day, we packed up our bags and moved further south of Mahé to Baie Lazare for some quality R&R in Valmer Resort and Spa. After …

Private beach experience in Anse La Mouche

The value of taking time out: Slowdown in astonishing Seychelles

We’ve all been there! Getting swept up in the whirlwind of everyday hustles, work deliveries that were due “yesterday”, and feeling overwhelmed with the never-ending to-do lists. We often forget about the value of taking time out and having a break. As a modern elegant Lady, it is as much about looking after our mental …

Making myself comfortable at another famous beach, Port Launay

The most amazing escapes in the Seychelles

After two years of staying home and sticking to domestic travels, we finally braved the PCR tests and Covid-19 flying conditions for the most amazing escapes in the Seychelles. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With soft white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and beautiful natural habitat with perfect tropical …

Pairing tulle skirt with a silk blouse and Castana wedges for a dressier look

I just love styling this tulle skirt in multiple ways

I did the unthinkable… I bought a skirt from Amazon!! And I just love styling this tulle skirt in multiple ways. It is soft and the beautiful pleats flow so elegantly on you. Ohmygoodness!! I can’t believe I did that! Lol… I always find shopping on Amazon is a bit of hit and miss, more …

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Class-up and elevate your life in 3 simple steps

Class-up and elevate your life is not about trying to mix in with the riches or being a snob. It is about elevating the quality of your life and choosing to live elegantly and luxuriously. It is not about how many expensive material things you have but it is owning quality items that truly bring …

We settled into our table and made ourselves comfortable

A beautiful experience at Lucky Cat, by Gordon Ramsay

This is a story about how we celebrated Valentine’s Day, after 10 year’s of marriage. It was a beautiful experience at Lucky Cat, by Gordon Ramsay in London, Mayfair. And this is how it all started… On the morning of Valentine’s Day, I got woken up by the sound of our door bell. I put …

Black dress with pretty embroidery on the back

How to effortlessly wear summer dresses in winter

Do you have a wardrobe full of summer dresses that you are dying to wear yet these cold winter days just doesn’t seem to go away? I’ve collected a lot of summer dresses over the years and there’s just never enough warm summer days in London to wear them all! So I decided that summer …

Joss Bay

Best summer coastal walk from Margate to Broadstairs, England

This leisurely walk from Margate to Broadstairs of the England coast path with dramatic views of the hanging chalk cliffs. With spring just around the corner, this picturesque stroll is the perfect day trip to enjoy the great outdoors. The walk is around 6 miles (just under 10 km) and is part of the Viking …